Updates on Me

I finally changed the background and the header of this blog. Maybe a change would make me come back more often to this bloggie of mine (and do more updates!) :) It's more simple than the previous one, and guess what? i like it!

Ok let me do some updates on what has been happening with me:

1. Im still not done with my christmas shopping :P Im going shopping with mom & ate josie this evening after work
2. My little niece broke her collar bone this week. poor little munchkin.
3. My friends (Arnold&Clarice) is getting married this weekend and i still havent finalized my song choice. *sigh* it would be easier if Bob is around. I miss ya Bob!!
4. Im still thinking whether a fuchsia pink dress goes with silver pumps? hm.
5. My mouth is full of ulcers. I dont understand, i drink like 2litres (or more) of water per day and still ulcers love me!
6. I lost my appetite as a result of the multiple ulcers that i have in my mouth. (yay?)
7. I can't wait for my year end holidays to start! (24/12 come quicklyyyyy!!)
8. I love "My Sister's Keeper" ! I actually cried alone watching the movie at home last week
9. I want to watch Avatar! but i need company.. i dont want to watch it alone.
10. Oh, ive got myself an early christmas present :) a new cellphone!
11. I can't wait for our family (dad's side) annual christmas get together this thursday :) i cant wait to get my presents! hehehe... i know its a season of giving but it'so nice to receive bah!
12. My birthday is coming up next month but it can wait. I am so not looking forward to it :-/

I think that's about it. :D

♥ P.


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