I just look out the window from my office and all i can see is rain! it's raining really heavy as im typing now. I shouldnt complain. Maybe someone out there prayed for rain, i suppose? Showers of blessing :)

Just a few hours ago me and my colleague, Nancy walked ourselves from Centre Point to Wisma Merdeka thinking it wouldnt rain since the sun was shining strongly this morning. When we were about to leave the mall, we were shocked to see the rain.

Since it wasnt really raining that heavily, we decided to just walk back to Centre Point. The more we walk, the more heavily the rain got. hmm. So we decided to buy an umbrella. The small kind, the one you can fold. hehe.. By the time we reached Centre Point, both of us were soaking wet! haha.. But it's okay. I had a fun time despite the rain pour. Why? well it's because :

1. I had free lunch at Hunter's :) Thanks Nancy!

2. I found the perfect dress to wear for Clarice's bridal shower (or hen's party, as they like to call it)

So, yea. No complains :)

♥ P.


Gallivanter said…
I used to love the rain when I was younger... :-D
nc said…
kadang2 best juga ba kn jalan2 time hujan..jn saja ujan lebat la haha

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