Yesterday i posted on my facebook account this:

..Just because a girl who once added me up, added me again with a different account name. How i know it's the same girl? the profile picture is the same. And i was surprised at the comments that i got.. over 30 comments! hahahha... until this morning, a friend of mine posted this:

Oh-em-gee.. she was attacking me! she told me to mirror myself? what the hell, i mirror myself everyday (ya i know it's not an actual mirror she was talking :P) but hey, if you want to have 1,000 effin accounts that's up to you. Just dont add me up because i don't like to have duplicities in my friends list. See, i dont randomly accept people to my account (unlike some people). Just because i do so, some people think by adding me up using a different name will do the trick. Im sorry if it offended some of you out there but thats just how i am. I find it uncomfortable sharing my personal information, pictures or just about anything to just about anyone. Sometimes some of friends asks "hey, you havent added me up on facebook i added you like 2 times and you havent approve on me yet" i asked back, "what name are you using on facebook?" and there.. problem solved. How can i add them if they're using names other than their own?

Maybe the reason they have multiple accounts is so they can pretend to be this person they are not in real life? i dont know. Thats the only explanation i could think of apart from the i-forgot-my-password-so-i-had-to-make-another-account reason.

If you think i would just let that comment be, you are wrong. I am not the type of girl who you can attack and expect me to just sit down and be quiet. So i replied back:

Facebook is not a platform for us to attack each other but if i feel like im being attacked, i wont just keep quiet about it :) who else is gonna defend me if not myself?

♥ P.


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