Big or Small?

I'm one of the (lucky?) girls in my (dad's side) family that is blessed/cursed with big breast. But recently a cousin of mine commented me, "you obviously lost weight..kurus sudah kau. You're so sexy now.." (wooooooottt!! wooooooottt!!) after she said this i can sense a BUT coming "..but your boobs gone smaller too" (nahhh kannn!!!) and you know what? i think she is right. But if i were given a choice A: fat but have big boobs or B: have a slimmer figure but small boobs i think i would go with B.

Its hard to find clothes to fit you when you're in a much bigger frame, trust me i know.. when i was younger and much fuller in frame i had a hard time to fit in clothes with buttons in the chest area because it couldnt fit. If the whole piece couldnt fit i would be fine, but every part fit fine EXCEPT the chest area. *sigh*

It's kind of hilarious if i think back. LOL!

As i was typing this entry, a friend of mine facebook chat with me and said im kurus already :D :D I so love getting comments like that, i wont lie hehhehe. Hey, i worked hard for this body let me enjoy the comments ;-)

Just some addtional information to share: my wallpaper on my notebook reads "WORK HARD FOR A FAB BODY.. NO PAIN, NO GAIN!" and it never fails to motivate me to do better in my workout sessions :)

♥ P.


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