Thursday, August 12, 2010

Biggest Loser Challenge

The office where i work at came up with a challenge : The Biggest Loser challenge and i am one of them people who joined. I was so shocked when i was weighed in on tuesday. I am 63kg!! oh my cow! just two months ago i was 56kg. *sigh*

I have this as a daily reminder to motivate myself to not give into the temptation of junk food and to exercise. 4 times a week at least.

I have been exercising every evening for 2 hours since sunday. However, last night was my night off. My body needs rest. This morning, before going to work i exercise for 45 minutes. It feel so good to sweat. I am so determined to win the challenge and most importantly get myself back into shape. I can hardly fit my clothes properly now. *sigh* For lunch, i had papaya and drank a bottle of soy and whey protein isolate drink blend. My brother is buying dinner for the whole family tonight so i decided to eat a little lighter than usual today. I must however remind myself to not eat rice tonight hehe. Or it will ruin the whole diet!

My friends and family have been tagging me pictures of the family day at karambunai beach and i untagged myself because i look so awful! urgh. If it was in my power to delete the pictures, trust me.. i would. hahaha!

Let's see how this exercising, and eating right thing works out in a month's time :)

Wish me the best!! (and a winner! ;-P)

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