Friday, August 6, 2010

There Is No Reason.

Three weeks ago, during the ShareHim program that we had at church the speaker asked if i would like to sing with him and i jumped at the offer just because i love to sing (yea, like that's a big secret LOL) and it is always nice to collaborate with someone in singing. We planned to sing More Than Wonderful (as shown in my older posts) and a few days later he came with the idea of us singing in Portuguese. And I said Yes. Surprisingly to me it only took me less than 3 hours to learn both the pronounciation and the melody of the song.

The end product is the video show above.

The title of the song, Não Há Razão means "There Is No Reason" in english. I can't elaborate on the meaning of the song because honestly, i didn't know what i was singing but what i know was, the song had something to do with God since it is a religious song :) But according to Pedro, the song means something like there is no reason for God to love me because i am a sinner but He does.. something like that in meaning.

So enjoy, it's already late i'm suppose to wake up early tomorrow for church. I don't want to be late! Good night!

Happy Sabbath everyone! and have a good weekend!

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