The Little Ones.

I love the above picture with my nieces. Come October, another booger will add into the clan. This time, it's a boy! My 1st nephew. I'm going to be an aunt again!

On another note, do you see the girl in the blue shirt, wearing shorts and tennis shoes in the picture below?

That's ME. hm.

I didn't thought i look that awful! urgh. My body is aching right now because i have been working out for 2 hours every night since sunday til yesterday. Now, i'm thinking "can i endure another Body Combat tonight?" Yes!! Anything to lose this excess!!

Last sunday we had a Family Day organized by our church. Here are two pictures that i copied from my cousin's Facebook page :D i like these the most (even though i look humongous here.)

We had an "unplanned photoshoot" haha. I'm still waiting for the pictures from my sister's camera :)

Will upload them when i finally get my hands on them pictures.


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