What You Bring Isn't Always What You'll Be Eating

This is what i brought for lunch today:

1. Papaya
2. Boiled cauliflower cooked with chicken fillet (minimal amount of oil used)

And this is what i ate:

1. The two items above
2. A slice of pizza (personal pan size)
3. 1 Pizza Hut hot wing


Me and my friends had lunch at Pizza Hut (Likas branch) but some of us (including me!) brought our own lunches there. I am so upset.

Another diet gone bad. But it's ok lah. I won't allow myself to snack around like a mouse this evening. Oh, and because i'm going to be at the office until late, say 8.30pm i even brought my dinner with me to work - a sandwich. I used whole meal bread that i bought at Consfood (their new outlet in Likas near Taman Yakim Jaya) with lettuce and hotdog. The ones without cheese. I hate those.

Oh, and just awhile ago a colleague of mine was going out she asked whether i want a yo-yo and i said No :D I am upset yet happy & proud of myself. Does it make any sense? :-/

Anyways, another 2 weeks or so till the next weight in. I am determined to make it to the top 3.

Wish me luck (so i'll be the winner!! :D)


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