Happy Independence Day, Malaysia!

You know how i always go on and on and on about me loving the Philippines? but it doesn't mean that i love Philippines more than i love my own country.. it's not that i don't appreciate the sacrifices of the people who led us to independence. I am proud to be a Malaysian. Although i don't mention it often (but who does?).

I have been sick with the flu and thus i have sore throat. It's been going on for three weeks already. I couldn't stand the headache i had yesterday at work, i went home during lunch time i slept for a good 4 hours after downing 2 paracetamols. Luckily today is a public holiday! or else i probably would take another day off from work.

Since today's a public holiday, i brought home some work to do - marking midterm/ test papers that are piling up at my table in the office. Most of my colleagues would just put them under the table so that it won't mess up the table. I would do that, but i'm just scared that i'll forget all about them once they're hidden nicely under the table. So listen people, never ever do your work in front of the TV. (you guys probably know this but i still want to say it) I brought 3 stacks of them papers, and i only manage to get 7 pieces of paper done. LOL!

Apart from the 7 papers done, i also managed to watch the Ice Age trilogy from my niece's dvd. I also ate my breakfast, lunch & langsats in front of the tv.

The best friend award should be awarded to none other than the television =) i was alone at home today and it gave me company. (i was feeling super lazy to drive anywhere).

Happy Merdeka to all Malaysian! may your public holiday be spent (not necessarily wise) well! I am busy 5 days a week i think i deserve one lazy week day.

Cheers my fellow comrades!


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