Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Pammie The Baker

Since i have some time off from doing my research, i have been baking. Yesterday i baked wholemeal donuts (yes, baked.. not fried. Its a bit healthier :-D) which turned out to taste like wholemeal bread haha. Actually, i wasnt planning on using wholemeal flour but while i was searching for my ingredients, i saw mom's wholemeal flour so i got this idea of instead of using the usual plain flour, why not use wholemeal flour? just to experiment. The final product was ok, i guess. The folks liked it hehe.

Today, I made banana muffin. Thanks to Angel who shared me the recipe :-D After i printed out the recipe, i wasted no time. I went and gathered the ingredients and started on my muffins..



I managed to make 9 muffins. There's 4 left hehe.. i ate 2, and dad ate 3. I think im going to make a dozen more this evening so that there will be enough for my family

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