Monday, March 31, 2008

Pores + Things I Look Forward To

Remember how i complained about having ugly pores? well, since my facial cleanser was running out. last sunday after a sauna session with my cousin, i decided to change my facial cleanser to this..St.Ives Clear Pore Cleanser. The good thing about St.Ives is that, it is 100% soap free, alcohol free AND wont clog my pores.. Just the thing for me. I have only been using this for 2 days.. and i know its too early to say that i can see some difference to my skin, especially my pores but i feel difference lah.. yeaaayyy :-D

On another note, im patiently waiting for Mariah Carey's album E=MC2 to fall this April 16.

... and

Im going to watch this later.

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