Saturday, March 15, 2008

All About Pores

Having large pores is so unappealing. I know some of you girls will agree with me here hehe. I realize my pores are larger than before, so i googled about reducing size of pores, and i ended up at eHow.

Step 1:
Finding the right products though can be a bit of a challenge since there are so many different cleansers on the market. The size of your pores are determines by some different factors, like your genes, sex, diet, environment, drug use and your overall health. Here are some helpful tips in helping minimize your pores. * Try a clay mask first for your face to clean your pores out. With clay mask they take out the excess oils beneath the skin and clean the pores.

Step 2:
* If you have alot of black or white heads on your face make sure that you cleanse your skin regularly (twice a day) and avoid squeezing them. If you squeeze your pores regularly can damage your pores and skins elasticity making it hard to turn the pore back to its normal size. * Use skin care products that contain salicylic, lactic or glycolic acids, these acids help remove the excess oil from your skin.

Step 3:
* Make sure that you hydrate yourself! Drinking water is essential for healthy looking skin from the inside out. *Try gentle exfoliaters to cleanse the skin. You can even use baking soda to aid in dislodging a blackhead. It can also help the pore shrink back to its original size.

Step 4:
* Pore reducing product solutions for inflamed pores can be purchased as well. They help the pores heal faster and shrink back to their original size. Clinique has a great product that I can personally recommend! * You can also steam your face by putting some hot water in a bowl and let your face down forward letting the water moisture sink in through your skin and pores for about ten minutes. The steam is great for opening up your pores and dislodging all the dirt that is in your pores.

Step 5:
* Moisturize your face on a regular basis. * Use a toner to help cleanse your face on a regular basis. Toner's help in removing soap residue, dead skin cells, and makeup all of which can clog pores and make them appear larger.

Step 6:
Although you can not change your pores you can help manage them and help them appear smaller by tightening the skin around them. Good luck and I hope these tips help you.

Lets just hope these ugly pores will shrink!

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