Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I Am Bz

This is how both my desks currently look like..lots of papers huh? Those are actually journals for my research reference. Havent gotten that much sleep for a few days, but i guess thats what i have to sacrifice for now. Thank god for caffeine..nope, i dont drink coffee (well, not anymore) i get my supply of caffeine from my green tea! :-D No wonder la i had a hard time to sleep last night. The night before, i went to bed at 4am and woke up at 10am, didnt have any naps during the day and i wasnt even a bit sleepy yet when the clock hit 2am. At 4am, i decided to call it a night but i still wasnt sleepy what's a girl to do? i took my stability ball and did 100 crunches on it haha. They say doing crunches on a stability ball gives better results. So lets see if its true. Will update on this in a month. Anywho, if it wasnt because i was damn hungry at that tiime, i seriously could go for another hundred hehe. After that i paksa myself to sleep.

My research proposal duedate is on the 17th.. have another 2 chapters to do. I will not be posting for while because until my work is done, i am going to dedicate my life to my research thingy. Sometimes i feel its impossible to finish this up on time..but as my friend puts it "PAMMIE BOLEH!!" i will keep a positive mind.

Have a nice day, y'all!


eudoraluvart said...

All the best for your research! :)

Pammie said...

salamat po! ;-)