Saturday, March 15, 2008


In the afternoon, mom came into my room while i was reading a back issue of Reader's Digest. Then i said "lets have pizza tonight?" so we did. Mom made the crust, i made the topping.

Ok, lets pop it into the oven, shall we?

Yeaayyy.. all done!

My slice.. but before that, i had some papaya 10 minutes earlier. Im trying to get use to having fruits BEFORE my meal.

Papaya.. my favourite fruit

Right after church, my cuzzies asked if i wanted to join them tonight jalan-jalan cari makan but i passed the offer with a heavy heart.*siiigghh* Ive got some things to do and i guess thats one of the sacrifices that i have to make. for now.

Oh, a friend of mine called me in the evening asking me whether i want to apply for a job vacancy at his place of work. I said i'll think about it. He has been asking me a quite number of times already since last year. Everytime there's a spot, he'll be notifying me about it. i REALLY appreciate it, but like i said.. I'LL THINK ABOUT IT.

I'll be up all night doing my work.. have a nice weekend ya'll coz i know i wont :(

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