Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Just now, while someone was having a conversation with me i unintentionally spaced out. I know, how rude of me ;-P the conversation wasnt boring me out or anything, he (the person that i was having a conversation with) was telling me of how nice his last vacation was. Usually, i would be all ears but i dunno, i just wasnt my usual self. maybe its because of the excessive baking i had today hahaha. i made 21 muffins today! AND a loaf of bread. But im not going to talk about it in this post..maybe in the next post.

Anyways, like i said, i wasnt being my usual self. I should be having a great time this week, and i was until one thought of someone crossed my mind and made me reminisce the good old times we had. It made me wonder what's he doing now? does he ever think of me?..then i felt silly thinking that way. Its as if reality came and gave me a good knocking on the head.

I kinda miss him. Again, yea i know i sound silly saying this.. but i cant help it. although we're not that close anymore (God only knows why) i just hope he's well and happy wherever he is.

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