Monday, June 9, 2008

I Want a Puppy!!

I have been friends with Clarice since those pathfinder days waaaaaaaayy back in the 90's. Although we werent that close back then, we've gotten close over the years.. jodoh kawan hahaha. Thanks to technology! Last friday, we met up and went to KKIA to get her ticket in her new car..her "baby" hehe. Then we had lunch.. it was rather late to be called lunch, coz it was almost 4pm that time. I fell in love with her jelly slippers.. and i bought one myself hahaha. Now we both have the same slippers..

The same night, i was at church for singing practices with my group. And then Daphne came with her puppy, Snowy.. punya la kiuttt the puppy. I just wanted to dog-nap the puppy! ;-P

Aiyaa.. snowy's so shy, dont want to look at the camera hahah. Anybody have extra puppy?? mind giving away 1 to me?? i SO want a puppy.. Daphne, bagi laa Snowy ko sama sa hehehe


Anonymous said...

ko mo puppy del? ko p tgk sana gaya street..ahahhaha! yg mahal2 nih sana..nti la..kalao itu puppy sa ada anak kc ko ahh? hehe

Pammie said...

Ba betul ahh?? tapi sa mo yg jantan.. book sedia2 nii :D

evettz said...

never seen a puppy like cute..btw, found ur blog updated and i clicked it..

Pammie said...

hey thanks for stopping by evettz! do come by often ;-)