Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Pilaks Invasion @ 1Borneo

The above pictures are how 1borneo looked like on tuesday..the PILAK INVASION!! i felt like i was at Pulau Jolo with that so many pilaks around...

I was at 1Borneo with Angel, her sister Grace and Grace's friend, Sharon. We planned to watch the movie Congkak but as soon as we reached GSC, OMG! the pilaks were more than we could take.. they were so many of them. It was like monday's amount of pilak x10. No, make that x100. So we just stroll around the place and then had lunch at the food court. Not bad la juga.. Then we met Roger. Roger followed us girls around window shopping hahahah..Not long after that Grace and Sharon followed Roger back, and me and Angel met Shirley and Wilma.. (we planned to meet there at 1Borneo for the movie, but like i said.. the pilaks had multiplied so our plan had to be cancelled) So again, we continued with our strolls.. At around 4-ish p.m we headed ourself to the parking lot.

While driving myself out, my car suddenly died on me. I tried to start the car again but it wont start. Angel was just infront of me driving out and i shouted out to her.. macamlah dia buli dingar kan hahaha Luckily there was this nice pakcik who helped me push my car to a parking space (i was going to cause some serious traffic if he didnt, God bless the old fella) AAAANNDDD i asked him if i could borrow his cellphone because mine was out of credit.. yeah, what a coincidence. So i texted my cousin to call me back ASAP coz it was an emergency. After like, 15 minutes i got her call and i swear i couldve cried right there hahahaha.. i was so scared, my voice was shaky. I was scared because 1. There's so many pilaks there 2. I'm all alone 3. I cant call OR text anybody because im out of credit and there wasnt any public phones available there yet. i told her my situation and guess what??? she was at 1 Borneo toooooo.. so we met up and i couldnt be more happier to see her and my other two cousins who was with her.

Since all of us were girls, who knows little about cars.. we made full use of our cellphones (THEIR cellphones to be exact heheh) and called/texted everyone that might know something about cars. Most of them were out of town that time but they keep calling in to give opinions on what may be the cause of my car's sudden "death?" hehehe. In an hour or so, a friend of mine Juji who was at CP with davelynne, lyssa and pipi came to 1Borneo and helped me with my car problem. He said my car is so clean like 3x... bah, mimang la bersih.. tingu sepa drive heheheheh ;-P

Shortly, my brother-in-law, Jerome and his bro-in-law, Heron arrived right about the same time. I looked around and there were so many of us at the parking space.. we seriously could have a party there hahahha. In less than 30 minutes, my car could start.. and who made it happen? none other than Mr.Juji himself :-D

So what was the problem of the car? hmm.. i forgot hahahhaa. But ive told dad the problem later at night so its all good. I didnt bother to call dad when the problem occured because there wasnt anything that he could do, he was at Kota Marudu that day.

I cant believe how many people who came to my aid and the amount of calls AND texts that i got was incredible.. it makes me feel that people DOES care for me after all hehe. I HEART my friends... you guys are the best! *mwahh*

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