Wednesday, June 25, 2008

VIVA VOCE 2007/08

Okay.. so i've promised some pictures right? here they are... all of these pictures were taken on the 23rd of this month...last monday :-D
Before presentation...
Angel.. doing her presentation
Evelyn & Franklin
Franklin presenting his research
Now its Jane's turn
Yours truly presenting
Huh?? ..not ready hehe
Ahh.. thats more like it ;-P
Angel & Cassidy. Then after that, me and Angel went to 1Borneo to isi perut at Kenny Rogers.

What i had..
What Angel had

After a day at UMS and 1Borneo, i then went home.. i was tired, my feet was killing me.

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hness said...

nice shots!.. yg paling penting trus terliur sia itnguk tu kenny rogers hehe.. lama nda p makan.