Monday, June 2, 2008

Scary Pilaks

After submitting our researches at the Uni today, me and Angel went to 1Borneo for some free movies(if you havent heard yet, gsc 1borneo is showing free movies until the 4th of June). OMG! the place was infested with pilaks! i was clutching on my big red bag all the time i was there. I know its not good to judge people from their appearance or from whatever race or culture they are from.. but the looks on the pilaks face and the way they behave was so scary!! Eeee.. Lets just hope 1Borneo wont become like Centre Point..

Ok, so we went to watch CJ7 and Jumper. While waiting for the 2nd movie to begin, we met Ramesh, Roger and their guy friend (im sorry but i dont know whats his name.. they didnt introduce him to us, kasian haha) who were waiting for their friend. After the movie i met Yazrin, and it turns out that he was the guy who they were waiting on. Eeeee I cant believe he forgot my name! :( i tersinggung 10 tahun Nasip he remember my face lah! hahaha. We parted ways after a while, and then me and Angel went to check out the shops and stalls there.


I know the picture doesnt really show the pilaks there coz i was scared of taking pictures of them bah.. You cant believe how many they were!..

*yawns AGAIN*

Im sleepy suda..i KNOW, so early kan??


Good night, world!

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