Monday, June 30, 2008


Make silly faces

ok, now mikikiut

We cousins, are people who arent afraid to look silly..haha. We look so silly! thats because we've got nothing better to do, these were taken after dinner at Davelynne's house, thursday last week for the dinner get-together with family & friends from church with Pastor John Harvoth. Oh, and i MUST say that the back massage that Pastor John gave me was SUPER nice! since his hands were big & strong hehe..i dont know about the other people who had their massages, but i seriously consider his hands as MAGIC HANDS ;-P

Then after that me and a bunch of my cuzzies went to 1Borneo to catch a movie. Our outing wasnt really planned, so i didnt even bring any money & had to loan from my cousin hehehe. We were at first torn between Get Smart and Wanted. In the end, 5 of us watched Get Smart and 1 (my cuzzie's hubby) watched Wanted. OMG my tummy hurt so bad from all the laughing. Get Smart was SO hilarious! at first, i thought it was a stupid movie but i guess i was wrong hehe. I recommend everyone to watch this movie.. its worth every cent of your money.

I arrived home at about 2.30am and guess what? i forgot my keys. aiyaaa.. so i was outside the house for a good 5 minutes or more. I dont know if the weather was always that cold every night outside, but it was cold.. hmm, maybe its because im sick, i have the flu and sometimes i even get feverish at night. But nothing to worry lah.. it comes and go.

I had to call out to dad for a few times to open the door.. i doubt that it was me who woke him up. I know it was my dog, billyboi who woke him up with his loud barking. Eee Its such an annoyance when your own dog dont recognize you. I had to sush him like, 3-5 times then when he finally realize that it was me, he wag his tail and made this "please-pet-me" voice.. cis.

Poor dad, he had to wake up to open the door for me hehehe :-P Note to self: Dont forget to bring your keys next time!

The cast of HSM 4 hahahaaa...

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