Monday, June 30, 2008


Make silly faces

ok, now mikikiut

We cousins, are people who arent afraid to look silly..haha. We look so silly! thats because we've got nothing better to do, these were taken after dinner at Davelynne's house, thursday last week for the dinner get-together with family & friends from church with Pastor John Harvoth. Oh, and i MUST say that the back massage that Pastor John gave me was SUPER nice! since his hands were big & strong hehe..i dont know about the other people who had their massages, but i seriously consider his hands as MAGIC HANDS ;-P

Then after that me and a bunch of my cuzzies went to 1Borneo to catch a movie. Our outing wasnt really planned, so i didnt even bring any money & had to loan from my cousin hehehe. We were at first torn between Get Smart and Wanted. In the end, 5 of us watched Get Smart and 1 (my cuzzie's hubby) watched Wanted. OMG my tummy hurt so bad from all the laughing. Get Smart was SO hilarious! at first, i thought it was a stupid movie but i guess i was wrong hehe. I recommend everyone to watch this movie.. its worth every cent of your money.

I arrived home at about 2.30am and guess what? i forgot my keys. aiyaaa.. so i was outside the house for a good 5 minutes or more. I dont know if the weather was always that cold every night outside, but it was cold.. hmm, maybe its because im sick, i have the flu and sometimes i even get feverish at night. But nothing to worry lah.. it comes and go.

I had to call out to dad for a few times to open the door.. i doubt that it was me who woke him up. I know it was my dog, billyboi who woke him up with his loud barking. Eee Its such an annoyance when your own dog dont recognize you. I had to sush him like, 3-5 times then when he finally realize that it was me, he wag his tail and made this "please-pet-me" voice.. cis.

Poor dad, he had to wake up to open the door for me hehehe :-P Note to self: Dont forget to bring your keys next time!

The cast of HSM 4 hahahaaa...

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

VIVA VOCE 2007/08

Okay.. so i've promised some pictures right? here they are... all of these pictures were taken on the 23rd of this month...last monday :-D
Before presentation...
Angel.. doing her presentation
Evelyn & Franklin
Franklin presenting his research
Now its Jane's turn
Yours truly presenting
Huh?? ..not ready hehe
Ahh.. thats more like it ;-P
Angel & Cassidy. Then after that, me and Angel went to 1Borneo to isi perut at Kenny Rogers.

What i had..
What Angel had

After a day at UMS and 1Borneo, i then went home.. i was tired, my feet was killing me.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Im backkk!!

I just finished my viva voce yesterday.. yeayyyy!! im finally done with studying!.. so how was my presentation yesterday? hmmm.. it was okaaayyylah. There's pictures of yesterday but i cant upload them today, im blogging at UMS' library. There's going to be a closing ceremony of the viva voce of 2007/08 later this evening at 4.30pm. Somemore, my internet at home is going to be down for a month or two *looooong sigh* now, tell me what am i suppose to do without internet for a month? Anyhoo.. ive got LOADS of pictures to upload but cant do so today. so it'll have to wait.

gotta go now..ciao!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Random Post.

Don't mess with me. I bite! (my dog, billyboi.. showing off his fangs)

Sleepy ducklings

Pepsicola.. he's famous. he's a local celebrity

I wanted to bring this Shitzu home so badly.. :(

Paintings done by local artists

While waiting for Dad to get the car. PEACE..

One of the Kaluis at home

Orchids! my favourite flower

.. and me. Minta puji hehe ;-P
p/s: This blog will be on hiatus for a week or so..but as usual, just leave a message if you want to. Im having the biggest presentation of my life on the 23rd! 1st day lagi tuuu omg..omg..omg!! Ba, angel..gary..and the rest of the MBAians who are going to have their presentation on the 23rd and 24th (u guys know who u are), GOOD LUCK!!! nanti lepas tu baru kita BERSUKARIA yes kengkawan??

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Kimberly Turns Three

Today is Kimberly's (my niece) birthday. She turns 3 today.. wow, i cant believe how fast time flies and now she's three. I can still remember the day that she was born, it feels like yesterday.. the memory is still fresh in my mind.

I went out today.. gift hunting hehe. After spending about 15 minutes or so at the toy shop, i ended up buying a painting kit set for her since she really like to paint. She also got a bicycle from her dad and she loves it so much, she even had her dinner on her bicycle hehe.

Eeee I ate so much just now i dont think i want to see food for a week! ;-P Even mentioning about food makes me nauseous.

Monday, June 9, 2008

I Want a Puppy!!

I have been friends with Clarice since those pathfinder days waaaaaaaayy back in the 90's. Although we werent that close back then, we've gotten close over the years.. jodoh kawan hahaha. Thanks to technology! Last friday, we met up and went to KKIA to get her ticket in her new car..her "baby" hehe. Then we had lunch.. it was rather late to be called lunch, coz it was almost 4pm that time. I fell in love with her jelly slippers.. and i bought one myself hahaha. Now we both have the same slippers..

The same night, i was at church for singing practices with my group. And then Daphne came with her puppy, Snowy.. punya la kiuttt the puppy. I just wanted to dog-nap the puppy! ;-P

Aiyaa.. snowy's so shy, dont want to look at the camera hahah. Anybody have extra puppy?? mind giving away 1 to me?? i SO want a puppy.. Daphne, bagi laa Snowy ko sama sa hehehe

Friday, June 6, 2008

So Amazing

My favourite song of all time by the great Luther Vandross. I just discovered today that beyonce and stevie wonder made a duet version of this song.. tambah i like the song! :-)


How's this one? comment..comment..

Davelynne asked me to join Malaysian Idol. yeah rite.. as if i have a chance LOL!

Anyways..i was out today with my bestie Clarice who is going back to Kedah tomorrow. Although we only get to spend a few hours together, but it was fun. I'll blog about at some other day. Im so tired bahh, have to wake up extra early again tomorrow because im the mission report reader at church.

Good nite, pipol!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Looking In

You look at me and see the girl
Who lives inside the golden world
But don't believe
That's all there is to see
You'll never know the real me

She smiles through a thousand tears
And harbours adolescent fears
She dreams of all
That she can never be
She wades in insecurity
And hides herself inside of me

Don't say she takes it all for granted
I'm well aware of all I have
Don't think that I am disenchanted
Please understand

It seems as though I've always been
Somebody outside looking in
Well, here I am for all of them to bleed
But they can't take my heart from me
And they can't bring me to my knees
They'll never know the real me

Ive always liked this song from MC wayyyyy back in '95 although the melody is somewhat haunting but lyrically i can relate myself to it

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Rain Caller

I have always loved Open Arms by Journey. A lot of people have done a version of the song.. and now, my version hehe..sorry if i caused the rain pour hahahahha! Also a religious song, Adonai..i first heard this beautiful song by this Christian singing group, Avalon and i straightly became a fan of theirs..

The Rain Caller