Sunday, October 7, 2007

Little thing called Love

I watched The Lake House just now and it made me remember just how much i love the movie. I was strangely quite through out the movie..I was concentrating on the characters, the actors (oooh, keanu reeves *drooollls*) basically the whole movie coz i didnt really concentrate when i saw it the 1st time and end up a little bit confused. During movies i usually will be the noisy one where people likes telling to shut up hehe. *siiiiigggghhhhhh* the movie is sooo romantic!! When it ended, It made me want to have a boyfriend right there and now mwahahaha.

The movie made me think. See, ive always said to people that its not that i enjoy being all by myself, its just that the right person havent come crossing my way yet, so i wait... and it finally hit me just now. Like a brick falling down on my head : What if there isn't such thing as the right one? What if ive thrown away precious time waiting for some fairytale-make-believe-happy-ending where my knight and shining armor finally comes and sweep me off my feet?

Sometimes the mind can be misleading. It's powerful yet dangerous and can be damaging at some point. I sometimes make up things in my head, hoping that it will be real. And when it doesnt, i started blaming the other person when it was all my fault in from the start.. a case of mistaken emotions.

Alrighty, back to the lake house..what the movie thought me after watching it twice was to not wait too long, or i'll end up being all alone.. an old spinster, knitting sweaters for her relatives. *gulps* Its a scary thought.

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