Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Love This

The Man I Was With You
by Jimmy Bondoc

Listen just hear me out
Yes I know we agreed
When we break up we’d never
Give in to this need
To admit to each other “I miss you”

Listen just hear me cry
No I won’t break my word
If I do say I miss you
It’ll never be heard
Let my heart whisper all that it needs to

How could you make me take a start
Then just leave me here hanging
Can’t even say how I’m feeling
How could you make then break my heart
If I can’t say I miss you, then let me say one last thing

I miss him
And all the things he could do
I miss him
Just as much as I miss you
I miss him
I know you’re wonderin’ who
I miss him
I miss the man I was with you

Listen just hear my voice
Can you hear all the tears
That I’m planning to hide
For the next thousand years
Just as long as you know that I love you

How can a blind man find the light
How can I find our kind of right
How could you take away my sight
How could you lose me in the night
Then you took away the heart in me
Now I’m losing this fight
(No, I will never, ever be the same)


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