Friday, October 5, 2007

Mirc is not lame

The picture above is a group photo of mirc's #menggatal members. I was sorting out files and papers on my shelf to set aside which is to be thrown away and which is worthy to be kept. when i found this inside of one file. Its kinda weird coz i don't recall keeping any newspaper cutting..especially this one. But judging from the handwriting, its definitely mine. The photo was taken in 1999 (8 years ago!!) at Promenade Hotel to mark the channel's first anniversary. I was 17, still in High school that time and yeah, not legal to do anything yet mwahahaha.

I remember going to the event with my good friend, lesley Eddie. She was known as Reena and me, as Scu^LLy (haha, i know its lame..but X-files was like, Heroes of that time ok?? hehe). I am still in contact with a few of them. I also have seen some of them around KK. I saw them, and i know that they saw me and we probably even thought the same thing, 'eh, macam si..anu la?' and then take a few glances more, then walk away without saying anything to each other.

I no longer a chatter at mirc but i must say, those years i spent at Mirc was gooood years. I started chatting since i was 15 years old. 10 years later and im still chatting. I think chatting online is a good form of communication. But it comes with some downsides juga lah, i wont deny that fact but thats another story. Not going to elaborate on that here.

Anyhoo, if you just happened to cross my blog and noticed that you are in the picture, or is one of the many chatters of #menggatal but isnt in the picture, just blow me a bubble aight? :-)
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