Monday, October 8, 2007

Tag me, tag you

A fellow blogger who is also a friend of mine, Ms Danne has tagged me.. so im tagging another 5 people. Skip all the Qs till the very last one to know if you've been tagged or not :-D

5 Things in My Handbag

1. cellphone
2. lipgloss
3. purse
4. keys
5. pen

5 Things in My Wallet

1. money
2. IC
3. drivers license
4. small photo of me & my cuzzies
5. safety pins

5 Favourite Items in My Bedroom

1. Bed (coz its comfy!)
2. Pc speakers (i love the sound of the bass it projects :-D)
3. Organizer (i'd be lost without it)
4. Shoes (now, how can i forget abt them!)
5. Books (ive got a collection of books that im of having..but i know ive still got a long way before i reach the level of being impressed)

5 Things I Wish To Do

1. travel the world
2. eat (coz i lapar!)
3. shop (without worrying about money)
4. sleep early (the insomniac is back :( )
5. eat (ok, i guess u noticed i mentioned eat twice.. coz im hungry la!)

5 Things That I Am Doing Now

1. Doing this
2. Listening to music
3. Chatting on ym
4. bloghopping
5. replying emails

5 People I Would Like To Tag

1. Hness
2. Davelynne
3. Elwin
4. Cindutt
5. Charlene

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wIn^ said...

:P you put all your shoes inside your room kah? waahh.. i put mine outside. ^__^_v err.. can i tag you too?

Pammie said...

Only if its cleaned..but not ALL of them though hehe. u can tag me again, but..i already answer the set of questions hehe. will be better if you tag someone'll be more interesting than having to read my answers balik2 kaaaannn? ;-D