Thursday, October 11, 2007

Itchy & Scratchy

Lately ive been having this itchy scalp problem. It can get so itchy to the point it bleeds :-( so i did some researching, and i found this:

"There are several different causes of a dry scalp that feels very itchy. Some causes are smoking, a poor diet, allergies, stress, dry air sometimes caused by air conditioning or central heating. Pollution can also sometimes play a role.

However, the key is to focus on your eating habits because having an itchy scalp – means having an unhealthy scalp that needs some monitoring. It is essential to make changes in your surroundings but also in your diet.

A healthy scalp needs a balanced diet that is low in sugar and saturated fats. Stay away from very sugary drinks like over-processed fruit drinks as these are very high in fat. Also many fast foods and processed meals are also extremely high in saturated fats that do nothing to help your hair or your scalp.

You need a diet high in moisture retaining foods such as watermelons and apples. Green leafy vegetables are also a good source. And don't forget to drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated. It is recommended that you drink six glasses per day."

*scratch..scratch* this itchy scalp thing is so annoying..ive got some blisters already on my scalp because of excessive scratching. Its so hard to not scratch when its itchy but i dont want people to think that ive got lice or anything.. coz i dont, okay? ive checked and my head is lice free :-D
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