Friday, October 26, 2007


Yesterday i woke up with a fat lip. the right side of my upper lip was swollen. ive got an ulcer underneath my lip but that didnt stop me from having a blast. There wasnt any electrity at around 9o'clock and that pissed me off. I mean, how many times in a week must there be a blackout? Can't there be NO BLACKOUTS at all in a week? it can get so frustrating at times.
Anyhoo, not to let anything to ruin my day i went out with my sister for lunch at CityMall. After pizza, we had some yogurberry & then headed on to vedablue hahaha.. talk about being godoot!
In the evening i went to Doulos again since it was their last day here in KK. There was a lot of people when we arrived but the crowd grew bigger by the time we left the ship. It was mentioned on the ship that their stop at KK would probably be their last as the ship is going to retire. I was kinda sad to hear that..hmm. Well, I ended up buying 2 books by Jane Austen (Sense and Sensibility) and Elizabeth Berg (Open House) but i dont think i'll be reading them anytime soon coz i havent even finished my other books. I was looking for 'Persuasion' by Jane Austen but there wasnt any. Ive seen 'Sense and Sensibility' the movie and i thought it was a good movie so i bought the book and 'Open House' is listed on Oprah's book club :-)

Me, looking so comot

Hahahaa.. not ready punya pasal la niiAn old friend who i havent met since 2003

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annegelynne said...

Mandak, u looked kurus sdh in those pic, esp. the first pic. haahahaha suka la c kawan ni :P.

annegelynne said...

ohya.. yogurberry!!! yum yum.. bet i liked it! :)

Pammie said...

suka oh sa dgr. cuba ko ulang lagi? hahaha.. yaaa!! next time we go and indulge ourselves before finals! ;-D

annegelynne said...

aik.. salah pla sa msg.. "bet u liked it' ba tu hahaha.. :)