Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Adam Lambert, Gay?

(source: BuddyTV)

Yes. The guy you see up there knocking tonsils with another guy up there is said to be Adam Lambert. I dont have anything against gay people but aiya.. sayangnya so handsome, so talented but.. gay. Since hollywood week ive been questioning about whether he is gay or straight coz obviously he's pretty. He is a pretty boy.

(source: Buddytv)

I REEAAALLLY loved his performance during Motown week when he sang "The Tracks of My Tears" but i hated the studio version. He can make a hit with that song (the one that he sang live)

If you ask who im rooting for this season.. the answer is Danny Gokey :) he never fails to sing with his heart. He's very soulful and i just love the raspiness that he has in his voice. If i could vote, i would give all my votes to him :)

(Source: CNN.com)

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