I Need Super Powers

Recently, i have made a decision and i think it was the best decision that ive made for myself. To those who know me, i know u guys know what im talking about. That's the past, so lets leave it where it belong and concentrate on the future :)

I am going hiking this 1st of May. Just a while ago i got an invitation for an "event" on the 2nd of May. What event you ask? ngehehehe.. mana buli kestauu :P I reaaaaalllyy would like to go but the thing is i'll be away in the jungle until the 3rd of May. The "event" is on the 2nd.. *sigh* Oh, have i mentioned that at the same time there's actually a trip to Sapi island but after much deliberation on my choices, i choose to go hiking. My mind was all set until this other 'event' came up. *sigh* why does everything have to happen at the same time, ha? wrong timing betul oh! I dont like to miss any fun. This is the time when i wish i have super powers like teleportation. That way I can easily teleport myself back and forth to three different places.. hahaha.. keep on dreaming silly girl.



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