This picture was taken at Sabah Adventist Mission, Tamparuli in the morning. A guy with his horse came our way and we like sakai people were all over the horsie. We asked if we could go on the horse and the guy said yes! by the way, the horsie's name is Si Gila hahahhaa. Seriously. Why give a horse that kind of name? well, it's because the horse was crazy before it was tamed - thats what the owner said. I'll post up the picture of me on the horsie when i get it.. im still waiting to be tagged on facebook :-D . Anyways, why we were at Tamparuli that sunday morning you ask? it's because we (with 20 or more people) were heading to Kiulu for water rafting that day. I was super excited because it's my first time going rafting. yeaaayyy!. I dont have any rafting pictures with me now as i am still waiting for them to be delivered to me. As soon i get them, i'll upload them on facebook and on my blog.

I at first wasn't allowed to go rafting because there was a function at my cousin's place that day and my parents (mom especially) wanted us to go there as a family but i think dad felt a certain amount of pity for me and allowed me to go hahaha. I guess my 'muka sepuluh sen' still works like a charm hahahahhaha.

By the way, im blogging at home. Im taking leave for 2 days coz im sick and my arms looks like lobster arms. they're so red!!

Aight. Gotta get me some rest.. Have a nice day y'all!!

♥ P.


Zoi said…
wah del..pigi rafting..bestnye tu..ba, post picture a.
Pammie said…
iya bestt zoii.. okayy sa upload gambar bila sa dapat tu gambar2 k :)

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