Thursday, April 2, 2009

Field Trip

Yesterday morning, together with 3 of my colleagues and 30 or more students went to 1Borneo for their Business Strategy subjet field trip. The above picture was taken in the morning before the tour of the big mall. It was a bit boring though coz im pretty sure all of the students have been to 1Borneo before. The tour covers every floor of 1Borneo. By the time we reached the second floor my feet was aching because i wore high heels! *sigh*

On a regular day, i will usually just wear flip flops but since this was a formal trip, we werent allow to wear sandals boo-hoo! What would the students say if they saw their lecturers wearing sandals right? wrong. I naik darah when i saw some of the student in their sandals.. not fair.. not fair!! they were clearly told not to wear sandals and there you have them in their sandals. hmm.

Nevermind la.. bagi chan. Oh, you know the yellow shuttle bus from KK to 1Borneo? i got on one of those yesterday. Yea, i ride the bus because my colleague who drove us to 1Borneo had to wait for the 2nd batch of students to come. I didnt want to be there til evening so me and another colleague of mine took the shuttle bus. Nasiiiiip free.. hehehe. It was my first time on a shuttle bus.. now im no longer a shuttle bus virgin hahahahha.

Aight, gotta go. Have a nice day y'all!


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gracie said...

wahh ramainya hikhik..