I have finalized my decision on which activity i am going to :D i am soooo happy and relieved because honestly, this is all ive been thinking of these past few days. Im glad the thinking part is over. I really wanted to go all the outings.. but the thing is, all the outings happen to fall on the same day, which is on the 1st of May. *sigh* Anyway, here are the outings i had to choose from:

1) Survival Camp
2) Hiking Expedition
3) Sapi Island

And i choose number two, Hiking expedition. After finalizing my decision this also means that i wont be able to attend the "event" on the 2nd of May because i will still be in the jungle. Oh well, you just cant win everything..

Ooohh.. i cant wait for hiking!! :-D

♥ P.


Gallivanter said…
I only love to take a hike if there are caves there. :-D

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