Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Family Outing

If you havent noticed, i dont blog in the weekends. Why? because i just dont feel like blogging in the weekends. :) As simple as that.

Last weekend, me and the whole Liew clan went to Kundasang & Ranau. It was a weekend getaway for us all.. it's been a while since we all had a family outing. The last time we went there as a family was ages ago. I was still in those hideous school uniforms.

We left KK saturday evening, at about 4pm and arrived at the resort at about 7pm. It was so cold and then it hit me, i only brought a long sleeve shirt - that's the closest i got to a sweater. Aiya. but i main starring ja.. sejuk pun i just say "tia brapa sejuk ba juga" tapi gegaran suda hahahahah. tambirang tu ba..

Anyways, here are the pictures of our family outing.

On sunday we went to Kundasang War Memorial and then to Moroli River for the fish spa before heading back to KK because it was starting to rain.. I'll let the pictures do the talking la..

On our ways to the Resort we caught a glimpse of this near the Kalangadon Restaurant. We just had to stop and take pictures

The majestic view of Mount Kinabalu
I asked my cousin Duane to take our picture but i guess he wanted in too hehe

Walking around the Resort's premis

On sunday, after checking out we went down to Kundasang War Memorial

I love roses!! This was taken at the English Garden

I felt so sad looking at this small cross on the ground.. it touched my soft spot :-/

Moi.. bergaya dulu hehehe

Time for some cold treats

On our way out, i caught a glimpse of this and i knew i had to take a photo of this plant. I find this plant so peculiar.. it has pimples all over its leaves

After visiting the War Memorial, we headed to Moroli River, Ranau for the famous "fish spa" that they have there

The black spot you see in the water are a school of fishes..

Us playing with the fishes.. we were told to not make noises while in the water but it was tickly, we couldnt contain ourselves from laughing hehehe

After Fish Spa, we headed our way back to KK but before that we took time out for durians :)

Our next family outing is in June!! yeayy.. can't wait for that! :)

♥ P.

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I hardly blog on weekends too these days. :-)