Request: Hanggang Ngayon (Until Now)

I just recorded this last night. It was requested a month ago by Zachary Salazar a.k.a Zackyboy i had the instrumental with me for a long time already but i guess procrastination got the best of me once again hehe i should try to be on time once in a while ;-)

Anyway, this is Kyla's original song. Hope i didnt murder the song with my wrong pronounciations and vocal errors here and there hahahha. I'm bad, reallly bad in tagalog so bear with me.


♥ P.


Donna said…
Hi Pammie, I truly love your voice (i think you sound better than Kyla..oops)and I'm also a huge fan of tagalog pop songs. Where did you get the instrumental piece..I love to get some of those...any advise..internet or have to go to Manila to get them (hehe)? Hope to hear from you my email:

Anyways, I LOVE your voice....beautiful macam artist should try out the OIAM or AF...why don' have the package and I'll be your no. 1 supporter!
Pammie said…
Hi Donna.. hey, thanks for the compliment hahaha but i dont think i sound better than Kyla *blushes* but i'll take it! :D:D

by the way, ive emailed you about the instrumental thingy. hope that helped. :)
Donna said…
cool..many thanks dahling:P & look forward to hear more of your singing!

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