Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Apartment For Sale

A friend of mine is selling his apartment in Makati, Manila Philippines. It is fully furnished with a parking space for 7 million Pesos. If i were to migrate to the Philippines, i sure will want to purchase the apartment myself! Here, look at the apartmet yourself. It's even in the heart of Manila!
Living room view towards Manila Bay
Living room towards EDSA
Living room
The air-cond units are brand new
New king sized bed
Floor has been buffed and varnished
New brick effect facade. New mirrors to give light, space and decor
The kitchen is all new
40" Samsung TV and 5.1 hi-fi unit is included

More photos can be seen at this link here

♥ P.


gracie said...

wah cantiknya rumah

Pammie said...

cantik kan? mo beli??hehe

CrazieSexaCool said...

arghh!! I wud consider this! plus it's in Makati.. who wudnt want an apartment in d mid of the ct.. Seriously, i wud consider moving oh.. IF i have a gud job offer la.. LOL.. haiyaa.. cam mana ni del.. like im hooked to this country la.. hahahaha

Pammie said...

me too! very unpatriotic of us hahahah.. nnt kna buang negara kita ni :P