Have I Told You I Love Saturdays?

Last saturday, Witness Wide was in Donggongon SDA Church, Penampang. We sang a about 8 songs and after church service, we had lunch together with the church members of Donggongon church. There was also cake! since it was mothers day, they decided to celebrate it on that day too.

Anyways, here are some pictures that were taken on that day at church:

Kimberly & I

Witness Wide members: Chervy, Sharoline, Benedict & Bandy

Yours truly. I like the paintings on the wall! so creaatiiiive!

The mothers day cake that day.. I only had a small piece of cake :D im so proud of myself

On the way down of the building, i saw this written on the walls
(ni mesti keja budak-budak yang teda keja)

Click on the picture for a better view of the written words. Dont ask me, i cant make out the words either.. especially the ones below.

That night, our family (dad's side) celebrated Mothers Day - potluck style. Most of us 'tapau-ed' food from outside.. i guess they were too malas to cook heheh. but it's ok.. sekali sekala tia pa mah :) everyone gets their malas moments once in a while bah.


I don't know what type of baby bird this is.. it was lying around outside crying out for food. I tried to feed it corn feed (the ones that chicken eat) but it didnt want it. Maybe it wasnt hungry at all.. maybe it was looking for its mama (it was Mother's Day that day :)) poor thing.

Burung Puyu. I dont know what's it called in english hehehehe
some of the older generations outside munching on peanuts.
Hmm, wonder what they were talking about?

Finally. The cake!! (White chocolate Macadamia)

In just a little while, the cake was aaaaalllll gone. Oh, i must also mention that i only had a slice of cake that night :-D im so proud of myself *pats herself on the back*
..but i was the plastic-knife licker that night. hahahah

After cake, we cousins went out for some street photography
Silhouette peace~!

Up this way to Pammie :)

It was a great saturday! No complaints coming from here.. although it was hot and i sweat like a pig who cares?? it was a great day. :)

♥ P.


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