Retail Therapy at 10am

Today is the grand opening of F.O.S (Factory Outlest Store) at Centre Point, KK. Nancy told me about the free goodie bag that they are giving away to the first 1, 000 customers who walks in the shop. Me and Nancy went with our coupons just now and i did a little bit of shopping :) I was feeling down this morning (mad, sad, angry & confused to be exact) and retail therapy helped raise my spirit up a little bit :) (works everytime)

I didnt bring my camera to work today so i had to use my phone camera.

The new F.O.S outlet at the 3rd floor (Wiser's old place). It is claimed that this outlet is the biggest one in Malaysia. Really?

There were lots of people there and this is only the ladies department ;-)

I'm attracted to shirts with words (some call it, "Talking Shirts") ive got a few at home and im still collecting! I love those shirts (see above) but the price of one shirt is Rm33. RM33!!! omg-ness. I could get the same shirt (with better quality) in the Philippines for RM17! So i decided not to purchase it because i'm going to the Philippines next month! yeaaayyyy.. if i cant get my hands on those "talking shirts" then i'll get them at F.O.S :-)

I particularly like this one. Ive actually seen a shirt just like this one in Manila last year. Stupid me for not buying it! Im gonna hunt it down when i get to Manila next month!

After retail therapy session, it's time to go back! ..not go home but up to the office :-(

Okay.. lets see what's in the goodie bag, shall we?

A blanket. It's quite comfy i must say. It can be used to cover myself when watching tv hehe.

I mentioned that i had a little bit of retail therapy right? so what did i buy?

New shades :-D cool eh?

Or should i wear it with my hair like this?? hehehe

I also bought 2 baby tees :-) (sorry la no pictures available ;-P nanti ketara la kalu sa pakai ko bilang "eh, tu baju ko pakai ko beli d FOS tu kan?" hahaha)

Ok lah. I guess that's about it for updates :-) Got a whole pile of papers to grade. *sigh*

♥ P.


nc said…
hehehe..goodies bag..kalau ada,,kita pgi lagi len kali (^_^)
Pammie said…
buli ba kalo ko!:-)
Donna said…
wah..sioknya you go Manila - when? and can minta pesan kah minta beli some famous tagalog singers album, i pay you in advance can kah, let me know if not troubling you kay.

i always wanted to travel to Manila but for sure i'll plan to go there someday soon.

anyways, you look cool on the new shades. went to FOS also yesterday but silakut i didnt cut out the coupon and the newspaper is at home.
Pammie said…
Donna.. sure can ba :) i'll be leaving on the 19th. 1 month lagi hehehe..
Zoi said…
bestnye dapat blanket free kan. Kalau sia d sana mesti sa pu dapat..hihi..
Pammie said…
yaba.. suda ko dapat blanket buli kasi pakai anak ko kan zoi :)

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