Winner Song

Yes! ive finally picked out my song for my friend's engagement. The song is "You Are My Song" it's been sung by many artists, namely Martin Nievera, Regine Velasquez (these two singers have performed together on this song) Just for your additional knowledge about the song, the song was written by Louie Ocampo and Martin Nievera himself.

Oh, and have i told you that IVE GOT THE SCORESHEET?? Wooohooo..

Here is the music clip of the winning song :-)

You Are My Song - Regine Velasquez

This one, Regine Velasquez & Martin Nievera sings together on "You are my song"

R04 - You are my song - Regine Velasquez

♥ P.


Donna said…
yeah! i'm a fan of martin nievera's vocal too and this particular song. wish i could hear you sing on that day but hope you could put it up on video ya!
Pammie said…
Im gonna ask someone (sepa la urg malang that day ah? hehe) to record me that day. Hope i wont forget my digicam that day hehe and ofcourse i will post it up on my blog :D
Kal-El said…
break a leg! can't wait to hear your version! ☺

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