China Town

Last sunday, my brother, cousin and i went to 1Borneo to watch Coming Soon. During the movie, my brother asked if we want to watch another movie, Angels and Demons after Coming Soon. Since we didnt have anything better to do if we go home, we just said OKAY. Coming Soon ended at 1.40pm and the next movie starts at 2.50. We had an hour of free time so we roam aimlessly at 1Borneo. We went to China Town. Ive been there like, a thousand times. The "Oooohh" and "Waaahh" effects have long expired.

The pictures posted here were taken using my phone cam. Im lazy to bring my digicam around these days. cheh. macam la besar sangat my digicam :P im planning to buy a new digicam and i have been eyeing on one since its existence (hehhe nancy, ko ja yang tau tu kan? :P)

Oklah. To those who have yet to step their feet at Chinatown, these pictures are for you!

I find these rather interestingly unique. Look at the clock on the wall.. i'd love to have one of those in my house in the future!
Very cultural-ish, yes?

♥ P.


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