I meant to post this yesterday but i had other things to do so this post had to be delayed. Anyways, me and my colleagues were at Asia City for lunch and on the way back to the office we saw rabbits! not just one or two rabbits.. but many rabbits for sale! Honestly i wanted to take one home but my dad's word "you don't bring another animal back home" (i always offer to take animals home ba.. thats why la he keeps on telling me that) keeps on playing in my head like a broken record. So i didnt buy one boo-hoo.

Ive had rabbits at home before but the numbers keep on adding and we ended up giving the rabbits to people. Just imagine, from just 2 rabbits it multiplied itself into 14 or 15 in less than a year! Nda pa la.. even if im not allowed to take animals home atleast i am still able to touch them heheh.

So here are some of the pictures that were taken with the rabbits:

So many rabbits.. which one to choose?? (hehe, as if im going to bring home one only, cheh!)
This little rabbit is having its lunch :-)

Take #1 - It wasnt right holding the rabbit like that
Take #2 - Ahh.. that's more like it.
I find the white rabbit with a black print on its eye amusing hehe.. looks like a cow! The other picture is Ms. Nancy with a white-red-eyed rabbit.
Bye wabbits.. sorry, cant take you home! :(

♥ P.


Gallivanter said…
I'm not a fan of rabbits, except maybe Bugs Bunny to a certain extent. :-P
Pammie said…
Im a fan of anything & everything that's cute! :)
nc said…
alala..kiut o kn..kita..esehh..rabbit..ba. (^_^)

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