Gonipis-Tobobon Hiking Expedition

I should have blogged about this on Tuesday but i was busy doing other things so i had to postponed it. I couldnt do it on monday because i was on leave.. sakit badan :D Anyways, here are some of the pictures that was taken during the hiking expedition (1st - 3rd May 2009).

Day 1 (Friday 01.05.09)
I was suppose to be at our meeting place at 6am but i nokoloboi (overslept, in dusun). I woke up at 5.45am and hence arrived at 6.30am :P luckily i already packed all my stuffs the night before. After everyone was at the meeting point, we headed ourselved to Tamparuli and then to Gonipis where all the walking and hiking begins.

This was taken at the river bank where we had our lunches. I didnt packed my lunch with me coz kan i nokoloboi? i didnt have enough time to prepare one. I actually planned to wake up at 5am and cook something like nasi goreng ka, or sandwich the very least but ni la ni, nokoloboi punya pasal. I started packing the night before at 11pm. Why so late you ask? we had BBQ at my cousin's place that night. Thats why la.. i was reaaallllyy groggy that morning, i sleep all the way to Gonipis.

My backpack. The dirtiest bag there. It wouldnt be this dirty if it wasnt because i fell off a pickup truck. YES i fell out of a truck! the moment i fell, i thought i was going to die. Luckily there wasnt any car behind the pickup truck aaaaannnnnnnnnndddd luckily it rained that morning, the gravel road was all muddy -- it eased the pain of falling on the ground. My head was spinning when i finally got up from all the mud and yes, it DID hurt. There's another thing i should be lucky of -- i didnt fell on any rocks. Who knows i might break a bone or two. Worst scenario, hit my head on a rock. Scary.

After hiking for about 5-6 hours, we finally arrived! yeaayyy!! i must admit there was a time i almost gave up coz i was fed up of walking.. tia pandai sampai-sampai hahahaha

Day 2 (Saturday 02.05.09)
We had our church service at the Balai Raya there. After church service there was a baptismal service where two kids were baptized that day :)

The "gang" at the Balai Raya

Baptismal service. One of the two kids being baptized that day.

That afternoon we had Bible quiz in the Balai Raya. There was also some talk about having a nature walk but alot of people was against it. I guess their legs were still aching hahahah. They said save it for tomorrow (sunday - the day we hike down back) :P

Me shadow. So slim hahahaha

Menggatal contingents

The only three people (that i know) who had sunnies at Tobobon :)

My broken shades :( *sobs* i have like three sunglasses but i love this one among the bunch but it got broken when i landed on my bag (during my fall-out from the truck). My shades were in my backpack.

Love the sky that evening. This was taken during Sundown Worship.

Day 3 (Sunday 03.05.09)
The day we go back. But first memories have to be documented in the form of picture taking :D

Geng futsal hahaha

Ni pula, Geng askar. Notice everyone has army prints on them?
At the river bank
The river
If you're wondering what is that im holding, it is called 'Liposu' a wild fruit (can i say fruit?? do correct me if im wrong)
The struggles we had to overcome :) okla.. not really a struggle la juga hahahaha. To me it isnt a struggle.. it's an adventure.
Look what i found in the jungle.. a pretty little butterfly..
Yess!! we made it back to Gonipis! Hiking down takes less time compared to hiking up to Tobobon (well, duh!) I really enjoyed going there this time. It's not that i didnt enjoy going there the first time (about 10 years ago) but this time its different because people all over Sabah was there :) the first time i was there it was only me and youths from my district.

More pictures on this Hiking Expedition can be found in my facebook photo albums :)

♥ P.


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