Song Problems

May is ending and soon it's June! wahh so fast oh kan? another 6 months to go and then 2009 will come to an end.

Anyhoo.. my friends (Clarice & Arnold) are getting engaged this 7th of June and she requested me (and a bunch of other singing friends of hers) to sing at the event. The problem is, i dont have any song!! so, i put my fingers to good use and browsed my hard drive, searched the internet for songs. After narrowing down my selections, these are the top 3 that could be the one:

1. Kahit Kailan - Nyoy Volante

2. A very special love - Sarah Geronimo

3. Ikaw - Sharon Cuneta (rendition by Co-E-sion)

This is my first time singing at any function like this. Im much more of a closed door singer hahahahha.. ive performed outside alright but its with my church singing group, Witness Wide :)

Help me choose pleaaaase?? If the song choices up there doesnt fancy you much, suggestions are very much appreciated! just blow me a bubble ya? :D

♥ P.


Audrey Rose said…
well, did ur friend wanted a pinoy song issit? erm.... a suggestion of mine is by DNH (drippin harmony) - because i love you. it's a pinoy group.
Donna said…
I think Ikaw is a great song and I can imagine how beautifully you will sing it with your lovely voice - I like!
Pammie said…
audrey.. not necessarily a pinoy song :D but if got, bagus la hehe. ive checked DNH out and i like it!! i would consider it but the only problem is, a guitarist.

Donna.. do you think ikaw is good? hmm, i'll record them sometime this week (or the weekend) and let all you all decide for me! God knows how indecisive i am! ;P
Donna said…
how about singing "at last" by etta james or the song beyonce sang in the movie cadillac records..i think that song pun ngam & siok:P

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