Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Unity in Musicality

These are Almacrest International College students performing during the MASISWA Cultural Nite at Tshung Tsin School Hall, Likas last saturday.

Honestly, i think they were one of the groups of the night that is most entertaining (im not saying this because i cheer for ACIC or because they're my students but its because they are an interesting + entertaining bunch! dont believe me? see the clip for yourself)

♥ P.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Rafting Revisited (w/ Pictures!)

The whole gang. Click on it for a better view :)
Pastor Feldinand doing his somersault.
Yours truly doing her dive heheh
Cass.. gaya bebas LOL!
Dorie.. doing her somersault while me and Charles look on.

The two 'berani mati' laydehs..

Ramai-ramai mandi sungai..bahagia kan??

Us, in action..
There's actually 200+ pictures, but i decided to upload the ones that have my face in it hohohohoho.

This friday, the same group (more or less) will be going hiking :) i'll blog about that next week!!

Oh, by the way.. all the pictures were taken by Weldy.

♥ P.

Monday, April 20, 2009


I have finalized my decision on which activity i am going to :D i am soooo happy and relieved because honestly, this is all ive been thinking of these past few days. Im glad the thinking part is over. I really wanted to go all the outings.. but the thing is, all the outings happen to fall on the same day, which is on the 1st of May. *sigh* Anyway, here are the outings i had to choose from:

1) Survival Camp
2) Hiking Expedition
3) Sapi Island

And i choose number two, Hiking expedition. After finalizing my decision this also means that i wont be able to attend the "event" on the 2nd of May because i will still be in the jungle. Oh well, you just cant win everything..

Ooohh.. i cant wait for hiking!! :-D

♥ P.

Friday, April 17, 2009

I Need Super Powers

Recently, i have made a decision and i think it was the best decision that ive made for myself. To those who know me, i know u guys know what im talking about. That's the past, so lets leave it where it belong and concentrate on the future :)

I am going hiking this 1st of May. Just a while ago i got an invitation for an "event" on the 2nd of May. What event you ask? ngehehehe.. mana buli kestauu :P I reaaaaalllyy would like to go but the thing is i'll be away in the jungle until the 3rd of May. The "event" is on the 2nd.. *sigh* Oh, have i mentioned that at the same time there's actually a trip to Sapi island but after much deliberation on my choices, i choose to go hiking. My mind was all set until this other 'event' came up. *sigh* why does everything have to happen at the same time, ha? wrong timing betul oh! I dont like to miss any fun. This is the time when i wish i have super powers like teleportation. That way I can easily teleport myself back and forth to three different places.. hahaha.. keep on dreaming silly girl.


Monday, April 13, 2009


This picture was taken at Sabah Adventist Mission, Tamparuli in the morning. A guy with his horse came our way and we like sakai people were all over the horsie. We asked if we could go on the horse and the guy said yes! by the way, the horsie's name is Si Gila hahahhaa. Seriously. Why give a horse that kind of name? well, it's because the horse was crazy before it was tamed - thats what the owner said. I'll post up the picture of me on the horsie when i get it.. im still waiting to be tagged on facebook :-D . Anyways, why we were at Tamparuli that sunday morning you ask? it's because we (with 20 or more people) were heading to Kiulu for water rafting that day. I was super excited because it's my first time going rafting. yeaaayyy!. I dont have any rafting pictures with me now as i am still waiting for them to be delivered to me. As soon i get them, i'll upload them on facebook and on my blog.

I at first wasn't allowed to go rafting because there was a function at my cousin's place that day and my parents (mom especially) wanted us to go there as a family but i think dad felt a certain amount of pity for me and allowed me to go hahaha. I guess my 'muka sepuluh sen' still works like a charm hahahahhaha.

By the way, im blogging at home. Im taking leave for 2 days coz im sick and my arms looks like lobster arms. they're so red!!

Aight. Gotta get me some rest.. Have a nice day y'all!!

♥ P.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Request: Hanggang Ngayon (Until Now)

I just recorded this last night. It was requested a month ago by Zachary Salazar a.k.a Zackyboy i had the instrumental with me for a long time already but i guess procrastination got the best of me once again hehe i should try to be on time once in a while ;-)

Anyway, this is Kyla's original song. Hope i didnt murder the song with my wrong pronounciations and vocal errors here and there hahahha. I'm bad, reallly bad in tagalog so bear with me.


♥ P.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Adam Lambert, Gay?

(source: BuddyTV)

Yes. The guy you see up there knocking tonsils with another guy up there is said to be Adam Lambert. I dont have anything against gay people but aiya.. sayangnya so handsome, so talented but.. gay. Since hollywood week ive been questioning about whether he is gay or straight coz obviously he's pretty. He is a pretty boy.

(source: Buddytv)

I REEAAALLLY loved his performance during Motown week when he sang "The Tracks of My Tears" but i hated the studio version. He can make a hit with that song (the one that he sang live)

If you ask who im rooting for this season.. the answer is Danny Gokey :) he never fails to sing with his heart. He's very soulful and i just love the raspiness that he has in his voice. If i could vote, i would give all my votes to him :)


♥ P.

Family Outing

If you havent noticed, i dont blog in the weekends. Why? because i just dont feel like blogging in the weekends. :) As simple as that.

Last weekend, me and the whole Liew clan went to Kundasang & Ranau. It was a weekend getaway for us all.. it's been a while since we all had a family outing. The last time we went there as a family was ages ago. I was still in those hideous school uniforms.

We left KK saturday evening, at about 4pm and arrived at the resort at about 7pm. It was so cold and then it hit me, i only brought a long sleeve shirt - that's the closest i got to a sweater. Aiya. but i main starring ja.. sejuk pun i just say "tia brapa sejuk ba juga" tapi gegaran suda hahahahah. tambirang tu ba..

Anyways, here are the pictures of our family outing.

On sunday we went to Kundasang War Memorial and then to Moroli River for the fish spa before heading back to KK because it was starting to rain.. I'll let the pictures do the talking la..

On our ways to the Resort we caught a glimpse of this near the Kalangadon Restaurant. We just had to stop and take pictures

The majestic view of Mount Kinabalu
I asked my cousin Duane to take our picture but i guess he wanted in too hehe

Walking around the Resort's premis

On sunday, after checking out we went down to Kundasang War Memorial

I love roses!! This was taken at the English Garden

I felt so sad looking at this small cross on the ground.. it touched my soft spot :-/

Moi.. bergaya dulu hehehe

Time for some cold treats

On our way out, i caught a glimpse of this and i knew i had to take a photo of this plant. I find this plant so peculiar.. it has pimples all over its leaves

After visiting the War Memorial, we headed to Moroli River, Ranau for the famous "fish spa" that they have there

The black spot you see in the water are a school of fishes..

Us playing with the fishes.. we were told to not make noises while in the water but it was tickly, we couldnt contain ourselves from laughing hehehe

After Fish Spa, we headed our way back to KK but before that we took time out for durians :)

Our next family outing is in June!! yeayy.. can't wait for that! :)

♥ P.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Field Trip

Yesterday morning, together with 3 of my colleagues and 30 or more students went to 1Borneo for their Business Strategy subjet field trip. The above picture was taken in the morning before the tour of the big mall. It was a bit boring though coz im pretty sure all of the students have been to 1Borneo before. The tour covers every floor of 1Borneo. By the time we reached the second floor my feet was aching because i wore high heels! *sigh*

On a regular day, i will usually just wear flip flops but since this was a formal trip, we werent allow to wear sandals boo-hoo! What would the students say if they saw their lecturers wearing sandals right? wrong. I naik darah when i saw some of the student in their sandals.. not fair.. not fair!! they were clearly told not to wear sandals and there you have them in their sandals. hmm.

Nevermind la.. bagi chan. Oh, you know the yellow shuttle bus from KK to 1Borneo? i got on one of those yesterday. Yea, i ride the bus because my colleague who drove us to 1Borneo had to wait for the 2nd batch of students to come. I didnt want to be there til evening so me and another colleague of mine took the shuttle bus. Nasiiiiip free.. hehehe. It was my first time on a shuttle bus.. now im no longer a shuttle bus virgin hahahahha.

Aight, gotta go. Have a nice day y'all!


Wednesday, April 1, 2009