Friday, May 29, 2009


I meant to post this yesterday but i had other things to do so this post had to be delayed. Anyways, me and my colleagues were at Asia City for lunch and on the way back to the office we saw rabbits! not just one or two rabbits.. but many rabbits for sale! Honestly i wanted to take one home but my dad's word "you don't bring another animal back home" (i always offer to take animals home ba.. thats why la he keeps on telling me that) keeps on playing in my head like a broken record. So i didnt buy one boo-hoo.

Ive had rabbits at home before but the numbers keep on adding and we ended up giving the rabbits to people. Just imagine, from just 2 rabbits it multiplied itself into 14 or 15 in less than a year! Nda pa la.. even if im not allowed to take animals home atleast i am still able to touch them heheh.

So here are some of the pictures that were taken with the rabbits:

So many rabbits.. which one to choose?? (hehe, as if im going to bring home one only, cheh!)
This little rabbit is having its lunch :-)

Take #1 - It wasnt right holding the rabbit like that
Take #2 - Ahh.. that's more like it.
I find the white rabbit with a black print on its eye amusing hehe.. looks like a cow! The other picture is Ms. Nancy with a white-red-eyed rabbit.
Bye wabbits.. sorry, cant take you home! :(

♥ P.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Winner Song

Yes! ive finally picked out my song for my friend's engagement. The song is "You Are My Song" it's been sung by many artists, namely Martin Nievera, Regine Velasquez (these two singers have performed together on this song) Just for your additional knowledge about the song, the song was written by Louie Ocampo and Martin Nievera himself.

Oh, and have i told you that IVE GOT THE SCORESHEET?? Wooohooo..

Here is the music clip of the winning song :-)

You Are My Song - Regine Velasquez

This one, Regine Velasquez & Martin Nievera sings together on "You are my song"

R04 - You are my song - Regine Velasquez

♥ P.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Serenade Me..

..Like this! with just your voice and an acoustic guitar! <3 <3

♥ P.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Song Problems

May is ending and soon it's June! wahh so fast oh kan? another 6 months to go and then 2009 will come to an end.

Anyhoo.. my friends (Clarice & Arnold) are getting engaged this 7th of June and she requested me (and a bunch of other singing friends of hers) to sing at the event. The problem is, i dont have any song!! so, i put my fingers to good use and browsed my hard drive, searched the internet for songs. After narrowing down my selections, these are the top 3 that could be the one:

1. Kahit Kailan - Nyoy Volante

2. A very special love - Sarah Geronimo

3. Ikaw - Sharon Cuneta (rendition by Co-E-sion)

This is my first time singing at any function like this. Im much more of a closed door singer hahahahha.. ive performed outside alright but its with my church singing group, Witness Wide :)

Help me choose pleaaaase?? If the song choices up there doesnt fancy you much, suggestions are very much appreciated! just blow me a bubble ya? :D

♥ P.

Where Is My "You" ??

Every Romeo has a Juliet
Wishful thinkers have their stars
Hopeless romantics each have a love song
Played on their guitars

But you, you're everything
This foolish heart could ever define
Every wish, every dream, every prayer come true
I feel so blessed to call you mine

You're my you, even more
No one else I'll adore
You're my you, in my mind
Simply one of a kind
You're the one who never fails to brighten my day
My princess in every fairytale
You're my mornin' 'til night
Such a beautiful sight
You're my you

Your eyes, your lips
The touch of your fingertips
Promise me you'll never take them away
For as long as I exist

You're my you, even more
No one else I'll adore
You're my you, in my mind
Simply one of a kind
You're the one who never fails to brighten my day
My princess in every fairytale
You're my mornin' 'til night
Such a beautiful sight

You're the heat of the fire in a cold winter's night
You're a raindrop in June, you're the sun
You're the one, you're my you


I just discovered this song and omg! i so love it..i love it, i love it, i love it! if a guy serenade this song to me i kawin terus dia! seriously. hehehhe. Oh, by the way the singer is Nyoy Volante! :-) the most underrated acoustic pop singer. If you love acoustic, then you will love him!

*sigh* when will i find my "you" ;-P

♥ P.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Charice's Note to God

I first heard this song on Jojo's album but i didnt like it. But this young talented lady, Charice Pempengco made me love it!

Don't you just love young talent? She's gonna be REEEAAALLLLYY big and famous! I just hope she wont turn into those singers who have to sexify their image in order to sell. There's more than enough of those out there.

♥ P.

China Town

Last sunday, my brother, cousin and i went to 1Borneo to watch Coming Soon. During the movie, my brother asked if we want to watch another movie, Angels and Demons after Coming Soon. Since we didnt have anything better to do if we go home, we just said OKAY. Coming Soon ended at 1.40pm and the next movie starts at 2.50. We had an hour of free time so we roam aimlessly at 1Borneo. We went to China Town. Ive been there like, a thousand times. The "Oooohh" and "Waaahh" effects have long expired.

The pictures posted here were taken using my phone cam. Im lazy to bring my digicam around these days. cheh. macam la besar sangat my digicam :P im planning to buy a new digicam and i have been eyeing on one since its existence (hehhe nancy, ko ja yang tau tu kan? :P)

Oklah. To those who have yet to step their feet at Chinatown, these pictures are for you!

I find these rather interestingly unique. Look at the clock on the wall.. i'd love to have one of those in my house in the future!
Very cultural-ish, yes?

♥ P.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Apartment For Sale

A friend of mine is selling his apartment in Makati, Manila Philippines. It is fully furnished with a parking space for 7 million Pesos. If i were to migrate to the Philippines, i sure will want to purchase the apartment myself! Here, look at the apartmet yourself. It's even in the heart of Manila!
Living room view towards Manila Bay
Living room towards EDSA
Living room
The air-cond units are brand new
New king sized bed
Floor has been buffed and varnished
New brick effect facade. New mirrors to give light, space and decor
The kitchen is all new
40" Samsung TV and 5.1 hi-fi unit is included

More photos can be seen at this link here

♥ P.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Retail Therapy at 10am

Today is the grand opening of F.O.S (Factory Outlest Store) at Centre Point, KK. Nancy told me about the free goodie bag that they are giving away to the first 1, 000 customers who walks in the shop. Me and Nancy went with our coupons just now and i did a little bit of shopping :) I was feeling down this morning (mad, sad, angry & confused to be exact) and retail therapy helped raise my spirit up a little bit :) (works everytime)

I didnt bring my camera to work today so i had to use my phone camera.

The new F.O.S outlet at the 3rd floor (Wiser's old place). It is claimed that this outlet is the biggest one in Malaysia. Really?

There were lots of people there and this is only the ladies department ;-)

I'm attracted to shirts with words (some call it, "Talking Shirts") ive got a few at home and im still collecting! I love those shirts (see above) but the price of one shirt is Rm33. RM33!!! omg-ness. I could get the same shirt (with better quality) in the Philippines for RM17! So i decided not to purchase it because i'm going to the Philippines next month! yeaaayyyy.. if i cant get my hands on those "talking shirts" then i'll get them at F.O.S :-)

I particularly like this one. Ive actually seen a shirt just like this one in Manila last year. Stupid me for not buying it! Im gonna hunt it down when i get to Manila next month!

After retail therapy session, it's time to go back! ..not go home but up to the office :-(

Okay.. lets see what's in the goodie bag, shall we?

A blanket. It's quite comfy i must say. It can be used to cover myself when watching tv hehe.

I mentioned that i had a little bit of retail therapy right? so what did i buy?

New shades :-D cool eh?

Or should i wear it with my hair like this?? hehehe

I also bought 2 baby tees :-) (sorry la no pictures available ;-P nanti ketara la kalu sa pakai ko bilang "eh, tu baju ko pakai ko beli d FOS tu kan?" hahaha)

Ok lah. I guess that's about it for updates :-) Got a whole pile of papers to grade. *sigh*

♥ P.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Old Skool.

Today i had to go to my old university, University Malaysia Sabah (UMS) because there were some things that i had to take care of. Because i didnt want to go alone, i brought along Ms. Nancy. Afterwards, we went to the Jetty to look around (that was my 1st time there at the jetty although i spent 1 1/2 years of my educational life there.. i also never went to the aquarium there too!.. shame on me)

By the way, im not the only one who graduated from UMS.. Nancy graduated from there too. So it was like, walking down memory lane at UMS just now hehe. Here are some pictures that we managed to take while we were there.

I like the seaview from the jetty
menghayati pemandangan kunun

Nancy & I in black & white effect

I like this one! :-)

Dilarang Masuk ah... Strictly No Entry
(please ignore my 'driving shoes' hahahahha i just cant drive with heels)

The water was so clear there!

We can see KK from the jetty!

I once attended class there!

Chanselor building in front

The library

Okay, obviously i took pictures while driving.. kids, please dont try this. hahahah

♥ P.