1st Ever Bridal House Tour.

Selamat Hari Raya to everyone celebrating this joyous celebration!

I've had my 1st session of Beraya this year at my boss' house on the 1st day of Raya.
I have nothing to complain, the food was scrumptious, the company was great. Most of my colleagues were there.. I really enjoyed myself since this is the first time i went out Beraya with my colleagues.

Anyhoo, after the eating session me and a few colleagues decided that the day was too early to go home so we went to the beach at Tanjung Aru. We went to this place called, Tanjung Aru Bridal House. It was kind of unique. Unique in a sense where the building itself appear to be old fashioned, which i like. It is still old fashioned looking inside and i even told my friend that this is how i'm going to have my house built one day. I like things with an old fashioned touch to it. I guess i'm just one of those vintage people. I even own a few vintage dresses.

Ok, enough talk. Here are some pictures of that day. I didn't took any picture at my boss' place because i was busy stuffing food to my face hehe. I can still taste the oxtail soup. *droool*

Tanjung Aru Bridal House

The lady said no personal photography allowed inside the building ;-P

Me and my friends, who also happens to be my colleagues at the premise of the bridal house.

Us, again at the beach. The log of wood that we're on kind of looks like a dinosaur's skull.


nc said…
cantik kn ni tempat.. hehe :)

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