Come What May

This month, on the 19th my cousin will be getting married and i have singing duties. Not 1 song but 2 songs to sing on duet. One song will be "When God Made You" - i have always wanted to sing this song and now this is my chance! I will be singing it with my super extraordinary singer cousin, Bandy Pijolin, who won RTM's Suara Emas (golden voice) in um.. i forgot what year. Another song that i will be singing is "Come What May" - the moulin rouge song. To be honest i'm not really into the song. Heck, i didnt even watched Moulin Rouge! but a cousin of mine wanted to sing that song with me.


I haven't even listened to the song :P but i think it'll be okay since there's still 18-19 days to get familiarize with the song and practice. My cousin, who is singing with me is in Thailand and will be in KK on the 15th. But he's well familiar with the song, so i think we'll be okay. I don't like the song, but we'll be okay. I can't practice right now because i'm still having sore throat. I hope i'll be 70-80% recovered by this weekend :) *fingerscrossed*

While making this post, i was browsing through youtube and i came across this:

Kailangan Kita by Regine Velasquez

I've heard many versions of this song, but this is my first time listening to Regine's Version. If i had a voice like hers, i would be singing all the time. And when i say all the time, i mean ALL the time!!


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