Visited By A (Local) Celebrity.

Yesterday morning someone came to our office and it was a big surprise to us all. Who you ask? It was non other than Adam AF. At first all of us were like, "why is he here?" "what's his business doing here? he wants to enroll kah?" Well actually it turns out he happens to be the nephew of one of our work mate. That work mate of ours brought him to the college to meet his students. For what, i have no idea but everyone (students and staffs) took advantage of his presence there. Everyone wanted to take pictures with him. I am not a fan of him but he is a celebrity and it's not everyday a celebrity comes to the college.

Okay, my boobs look extraodinary bigger in this picture. It looks like a G cup LOL! Honestly it's not that big. Maybe it's because of the turtle neck blouse and the color: bright pink!


frisco said…
Not because of the turtle neck... its the colors and the shadows that fall on your blouse..

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