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I'm gonna get this in 10-15 days! Can't wait.. can't wait.

Thanks to Donna who gave me the link to the website! It is kind of pricey for a hair straightener but i heard so much good reviews about it. It cost me RM175 (including shipment) but i really want it so, i'll just make it as a present for myself this month hehe.

I'll show it off to you guys when it's finally in my possession!

Have a good day (or, good hair day) you all!!


CrazieSexaCool said…
I love this! U can even use it to curl ur hair. heh :p
Pammie said…
Yaa!! i know! you have it?
Audrey Rose said…
del.. u have the add? been looking for it ni!!!!!
Gallivanter said…
Guess I won't be needing this for myself anytime in the foreseeable future! Haha!
Pammie said…
@Gallivanter: hahahah.. you save $$ !

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