Look at my leg, filled with scars. Most of the scars were from mosquitoes and from the grass. Yes, grass. They're like paper cuts but only it's from grass. It has been very itchy and i have been scratching until it bleeds. Some say, it's itchy because the skin is mending itself back together. It's a good thing it's itchy, right? the only thing is i can't hold myself from scratching it. I have put ointment on it (the cuts from grass) and Mopiko on the mosquito bites. There was a lot of mossies last month.. and i guess i'm their favourite victim :-/

It was horrible to wear skirts to work, i was so embarrassed because there were swelling red bite marks on my leg but since i don't have that much work pants, and baju kurungs.. i had to wear skirt to work. But Good news, it's healing.. the red, swelling marks are all gone but there's still marks of it. I haven't healed 100%.

Oh, by the way the picture was taken after a session of working out. I was sitting on an exercise ball, by the way :) The swelling and the redness have receded a bit so that's why there's no redness or swelling hehe. I don't think any of you would fancy looking at that, right?


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