Thursday, March 5, 2009

Life Detox.

oh ya Pictures, Images and Photos

After the "Hate" entry last nite i felt a little bit better releasing what ive been holding back. I hope the person reads it. It's not that im a coward, it's just that you know how some people cannot kena tegur? thats the kind of person im dealing with. But you know? im ready to move on. Although the person have talked behind my back and did me wrong before.. I forgive you. I want to be free from all the unnecessary dramas that life can bring. It's not worth my time plus it's not healthy. It's toxic.. there's more than enough toxic in my body, lets not add some more, okay?

Live life drama free.. that's the way it should be, dont you think?



Zoi said...

hi dell? wah..don't tell me tht there is another 'person' in the office yang suka cakap belakang..adedeh..ya, thts true la, 'its toxic' means orang tu pembawa 'toxic' la, besa la tu kan..


Baby Fay said...

uiks! so tired of these dramas too..i oso forgive that person yg suka bt crita n mengumpat tuh..hahha!

Anonymous said...

well, this is life..some ppl still havent learn their lesson..faham2lah tu kan siapa makan lada..kihkihkihh macam2 ada..